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Core Wallet FAQs

1. Where can I find all the RBX core-wallet commands?

Upon launching the CLI wallet, the main menu screen will appear with the menu list and the command list can be seen by typing /help.

2. How do I return to the main menu screen on the CLI wallet?

To return to the Menu screen type /menu. If after entering this command the wallet does not direct you to the menu screen, please make sure you cancel any active actions you are currently on before.

3. What does activating the API do?

When you activate the application programming interface (API) it will allow the wallet to communicate with other computer programs. For example, if a user wants to run the CLI wallet and the GUI wallet simultaneously, activating the API in the CLI wallet first will then allow the user to open the GUI without conflict.

4. If I started validating on the GUI wallet and I switch to the CLI wallet, do I need to activate my validator again?

No, any action taken on either wallet will reflect on both. If you start validating on the CLI wallet, and you open the GUI wallet, your validator will be active as it was on the CLI.


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