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Smart Contract FAQs

GUI Wallet

1. How do you create a smart contract on the RBX Wallet?

To create a smart contract, click on the smart contracts tab on the front of the wallet then click on Create a Smart Contract and Mint.

2. What tools are available to guide me through the minting process?

The ReserveBlock smart contract template is filled with helpful guides in the form of question marks on every entry field to help the creator with every step of the smart contract creation process. Any user is also able to engage the help of the community in the support channel on the RBX Discord.

3. How do I know I have properly minted an NFT?

After pressing compile and mint a green success status message will show on the transaction list. If the message on the transaction list shows in yellow as pending, please allow some more time for the transaction to finalize.

4. Where can I see the metadata of an NFT on my RBX wallet?

All NFT metadata will generate after the mint has been finalized and can be found on the My NFTs page.

5. Where does the media get stored after minting?

The NFT media will be stored in the wallet’s asset folder. Unless deleted or removed from the asset folder, the owner of the NFT can directly access the folder or individual asset from the MY NFTs page.

6. I started a new wallet, and my media doesn’t show on the NFT screen as before, how do I fix this?

You can re-associate the media with any NFT present on the wallet if it’s the same original media and the file has not been altered in any form. It is recommended to back up all media associated with all your NFTs just like backing up private keys, passwords, or mnemonic recovery phrases.

7. Can I save my media on my local storage device?

Yes, your media can be stored anywhere, but remember that if it’s moved from the RBX asset folder, the media will not show on the wallet. If this is done it will need to be re-associated with each corresponding NFT and unaltered to be able to transfer or access from the wallet.

8. I see a question mark on the media from an evolving NFT I received, why?

The question mark represents an unevolved stage of the NFT. On the box representing each stage, you will see the evolve stage description and type of evolve

9. Can I burn an NFT I am no longer the owner of but still manage?

No, only the current owner can burn the NFT.

10. Where do I see the NFTs I can manage?

The tab is on the My NFTs page and labeled as Manage Minted NFTs

11. Is there a size limit for the media files uploaded into the smart contract template?

Yes, currently the file size limit is 150 MB per file, however a minter may upload up to 27 files into one smart contract.

12. How can I change from grid view to list view on the “My NFTs” tab?

On the upper right side of the NFTs page you will see a grid mode and list mode option.

13. I see my NFT under the “MY NFTs” and the “Manage Minted NFTs” tab, why?

The ‘MY NFTs’ tab list all owned NFTs per wallet. The manage NFTs tab will show all the NFTs you can manage based on the feature that was added when it was minted. If the NFT was transferred to another wallet with manageable features this is where you will find those NFTs.

14. How do I know I have successfully transferred a multi-asset NFT?

All multi-asset NFTs will have a brief loading stage and a transferring stage when sent. The duration of both stages may vary with the size of the files and the wallet’s current network speed as per the ISP, but will transfer p2p.

15. How do I know I have successfully received a multi-asset NFT?

Once all the media has loaded on all the corresponding boxes, which may vary based on how many and the size of the files transferred.

16. Do unfinished smart contracts stay saved on the wallet if I exit the template before minting?

Yes, but they must be saved as drafts before exiting the template screen.

17. What are the current Gas fees?

There are no gas fees on the RBX network. The network is a near-zero fee ecosystem and gassless.


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