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Developer FAQs

1. What are the roles and responsibilites of a developer?

Developers can help further facilitate the creation of smart contracts and integrations of RBX beyond the ones provided. Devs can also make themselves available through the RBX dev rewards program to engage with users who have more complex smart contract needs that require a coding expertise in exchange for rewards as well. Devs are also welcome to make proposals and encouraged to build unique applications that continue to help the utility of NFTs and their potential unkown use cases expand into the future. Again, the network has been built for anyone that wishes to interact &/or utilize it.

2. How will the rbx network control gas fees in the future

There are no gas fees on the RBX network. The network is a near zero fee ecosystem. Devs will never have to worry about solving a “gas fee” type issue as there are no factors that will affect its rise or decline.

3. Is there a rewards or bounty program for developers?

Yes, it was always contemplated for the network to deploy a developer rewards and bounty program to help facilitate innovation, enhancement and improvement from around the world. Please always refer to the site and discord channels for specific information regarding current reward pools and bounty programs. While programs and bounties have been contemplated from the beginning, the validators and community are encouraged to help drive future engagement.

4. How will a vote be initiated and / or a proposal be handled on the network?

Any validator that has crafted one block may submit a topic for a change or enhancement with all specifics and broadcast that proposal over the network through the core wallet for all peers to review and cast a vote for or against. All voting and results are on-chain creating an archive. Developers who are non-validators may also submit their own proposals for the network through the community discord and lobby directly with community members and current validators. Any validator may then sponsor a proposal by submitting the topic for a vote through the core wallet as well.

5. What is the programming language for the rbx network?

The network is built with a robust program language called Trillium. Trillium is coded with the RBX Self Executing NFT Architecture Program (SEN) and is written using C# which enables developers to build many types of modern and secure applications. The language will be immediately familiar to programmers of C, C++, Java and JavaScript.

6. Where can developer docs and resources be found?

Docs and tutorials will be available (along with current updates) on the RBX site, however most resources can also be found on the RBX GitHub & developer channels on the Discord.


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