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P2P Auctions


You can now publish auctions or self-hosted stores, both on-chain and to social media platforms, with asset collections broadcasted over the RBX network, by simply remitting 10 RBX on publishing, which is burned at the time of the transaction.

Video Tutorial

Additional Info

All auction and store originators may also utilize a real-time chat feature directly with traders natively through the wallet, providing an elevated p2p commerce experience and a valuable tool when arranging for the transfer of tokenized physical or real-world assets between peers and/or the ability to seek additional information directly from issuers themselves.

While the network activates true on-chain royalty enforcement for creators, the RBX native auction engine now enforces bid fulfillment and ‘buy now’ transactions automatically on-chain with complete transparent bid and transaction history. Each peer auction and store can be viewed by anyone with an RBX wallet and will auto-verify funds prior to participation. As previously known, all tokenized media and data associated with each NFT transfers automatically p2p at the completion of a transaction solving self-custody needs natively.

Lastly, third-party integration of the RBX engine is open to any authority providing on-chain solutions for royalty enforcement, self-executing smart contracts with built-in utility leveraging multi-asset and evolving features while also solving media transfer and ownership for issuer communities resulting in trustless engagement, transparent ownership, and increased user loyalty.