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Smart Contracts

This section covers integration for RBX Smart Contracts with third party applications via the RBXCore CLI's API.

Example Code

Checkout this repository which includes full examples of all the smart contract integrations in node/javascript:


Snippets from this repo are also included within the following docs, but the example repo will allow you to interact with the code.

General Notes

  1. You will need a core CLI running with its API enabled

    • Either press 10 to enable the API in the CLI's interface
    • Or, you can launch it like so: ./ReserveBlockCore enableapi
  2. If the wallet will be running on an alternate machine, you'll need to enable the openapi flag when launching

    • ./ReserveBlockCore enableapi openapi
    • This will allow you to communicate to the CLI's API outside of localhost
  3. If you are planning on running it using openapi, it is recommended you seed an apitoken to block non-authenticated access.

    • ./ReserveBlockCore enableapi openapi apitoken=random_lowercase_string
    • Then, in all requests you will need to add this key/value into your headers: {"apitoken": "random_lowercase_string"}
    • If this is not included and/or is not the correct token, the API will throw a 403 error
  4. There are many more API endpoints available. Please visit http://localhost:7292/swagger on the machine running the CLI+API to review and interact with everything that's available.

  5. You'll see a reference to CLI_BASE_URL throughout the examples. This should be set to http://localhost:7292 in most cases.


  1. Compiling & Minting

  2. Tranferring NFTs

  3. Burning NFTs

  4. Evolving NFTs

  5. Auction Houses

  6. Collections

  7. Listings