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Transferring NFTs

API Endpoints:

Transfer without media backup URL:

GET http://localhost:7292/scapi/scv1/TransferNFT/{id}/{address}

Transfer with media backup URL:

GET http://localhost:7292/scapi/scv1/TransferNFT/{id}/{address}/{backupUrl}

URL Params:

id: The smart contract identifier

address: The recipient's RBX address

backupUrl: URL to an off-network backup url of the media (optional)


"Result": "Success",
"Message": "NFT Transfer has been started."

Code Example

const transferNft = async (smartContractUid, address) => {
const url = `${CLI_BASE_URL}/scapi/scv1/TransferNFT/${smartContractUid}/${address}`;
const request = await fetch(url);

const data = await request.json();
return data["Result"] == "Success";